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Collaboration Day III

Parahyangan Catholic University held an event entitled “Collaboration Day” for the third consecutive time. The event was held on June 5, 2015 at the Clarity Hotel , Cihampelas street, Bandung. This collaborative event was attended by Parahyangan Catholic University foundation officials, the Rector along with his subordinates and companies that have cooperated or will be cooperating with UNPAR.

The main objective of this collaborative event is to continuously improve and discover new potential of Parahyangan Catholic University and its partners, in developing study programs existing within the university, and to increase UNPAR’s involvement in responding to various issues within the society. The fields of cooperation hoped to be achieved by this collaboration are through the development and improvement of curriculum, general studium events, field study approval, apprenticeship approval, sponsorship, seminar and workshop events, graduates’ recruitment, research and community service, provision for electives, capacity building for company staffs, soft skill development for students and fresh graduates, in addition to the provision for academic and under-privileged scholarships.

The process of holding such cooperation has not always been a matter of smooth-sailing as hoped. There were a few hurdles in the execution of the event, such as: there were no clear goals and objectives, no concrete programs, the difficulty in communicating between Parahyangan Catholic University and its partner companies, and no person-in-charge that monitors the running of the agreed-upon programs. Therefore, based on the afore-mentioned hurdles, a pre-planning program is going to be conducted in order to improve cooperation in future events. It is hoped that further cooperation will yield better quality results.