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“Cincin Sang Dosen” (The Lecturer’s Ring) Book Launching

Still in the spirit of the National Education Day commemorated early this month, Pusat Inovasi Pembelajaran/ Learning Innovation Center (PIP) launched a book entitled “Cincin Sang Dosen: Berakar dalam Panggilan, Berkobar dalam Pelayanan” (Rooted in One’s Calling, Inspired in One’s Service/Care) on May 8, 2015 in the Mgr. Geise Lecture Theatre (the Audio Visual room of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences). The book is a compilation of inspirational stories written by 26 lecturers of Parahyangan Catholic University in answering their own calling as educators. Father Agustinus Mintara, SJ. Is the editor of the book published by Kanisius publishing company. All royalties from the book sale will be donated for school tuition fees of under-privilaged children studying at Kanisius elementary school in remote area of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Special Administration Area).

This book was the product of reflection from the workshop “Sang Guru Sang Peziarah” (The Teacher, The Pilgrim) hosted by PIP. The title of the workshop is the same as the title of a book previously written by Father Agustinus Mintara, SJ, the head of PIP, Agus Sukmana elaborated the process of making the book from the beginning up to publication, in his report. There were wonderful moments, even behind the scene moment that were responded to with laughter from the audience. One of the funny moments concerned the article “Petaka Senyuman”(Disastrous Smile), because the author intended to withdraw the article due to embarassment.

Some authors initially felt embarassed when their works were published, because what they usually shared was based on research, but in this instance it was their own experience of reflection. Father Mintara time and time again stressed the benefits of sharing these writings with the general public. This view was also supported by UNPAR’s Rector, Prof. Robertus Wahyudi Triweko, Ph.D. in his speech that this book will inspire other lecturers, even other universities to conduct a similar reflection program and share the result for inspiration. He added further that this book is the embodiment of UNPAR’s aphorism “Bakuning Hyang Mrih Guna Santyaya Bhakti” “Something we do, not for ourselves” he added. He believed that the shared stories will be beneficial for others.

The first book launching by PIP was divided into three sessions. The first session was hosted by Father Mintara and Ms. Yulia Sri Prihartini, who participated in the book’s writing process. In the second session, the writers shared their impressions once their articles had been published. In the final session, there were testimonies and experience sharing from three senior lecturers who have been teaching in UNPAR for decades, they are: Dr. Aloysius Rusli, Dr. Hasan Mustafa, MS, Petrus Canisius Suroso, Drs., MSP., Lic.Rer.Reg.

In his sharing session, Petrus Canisius Suroso stated that the calling to become a lecturer is a matter of realization, that is to say a person realize that he/she is a lecturer. The writer frequently emphasizes that educating is a two-way process, mutual sharing, mutual empowerment. He recalled how he always reviewed previous lectures before the next one. This review by the students has the purpose of controlling whether the materials presented had been comprehended properly by themselves.

On June 8-9, 2015, a second workshop of “Sang Guru Sang Peziarah” (The Teacher, The Pilgrim) will be held. In July 2015, the Learning Innovation Center in cooperation with Kanisius publishing company plans to publish a second book containing a sharing from 41 lecturers. Besides organizing how learning can become interesting, PIP is also commited to share inspirational tales to the public.

For further information about the book (Click Here)

Note: this book is available for purchase in book stores, or order directly to gramediaonline or kanisiusmedia or UNPAR Library, or directly to the Learning Innovation Center (PIP@unpar.ac.id). Price: IDR. 55.000,- /piece