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Character Building in Sundanese Culture

On Monday, 8th of December 2014, Center of Learning Innovation held Education Seminar with the theme of “Character Building in Sundanese Culture”. Seminar held in Operation Room – Building 0 UNPAR present Aat Suratin as the speaker, a Sundanese humanist and environmentalists.

In his opening remarks, UNPAR Rector Prof. Robertus Wahyudi Triweko, Ph.D., reminds the importance of character building for young generation, as the nation’s future generation. He also emphasizes the importance of lecturers to realize the role of character building in learning activities. In his explanation, Aat Suratin, humanist with art background in particular theater, explores the role of culture as a way to form human character. By expert he gave examples how local Sundanese value has the role in implementing and developing human’s awareness (Sundanese) for giving more love to nature, environment, and life as a whole. One example is learning to know and be aware of environmental pollution (air and ground) through animals, such as firefly and patrakomala tree. The disappearance of fireflies could be a sign of the increasing of pollution in the air we breathe, and the extinction of patrakomala tree means the contamination of the soil in which we live. The principle of human culture is not only uniting with the environment and each other, but also with God the Creator itself.

On that occasion, Aat Suratin, even challenged the lecturers and UNPAR as an institution to put character education as the main thing in learning process.

Source: UNPAR PIP (http://pip.unpar.ac.id/seminar-pendidikan-karakter-dalam-budaya-sunda-dengan-narasumber-aat-suratin/)