Centralized Seminar at LPPM Unpar

One of the roles of lecturers in the Tridharma (Three Main Responsibilities) of Higher Education is research and community service. Universities through study centers and research management institutions seek to encourage new discoveries and service projects in helping communities to solve various problems that exist through studies of lecturers and researchers. Sometimes, research studies require work that is quite time-consuming so that it cannot be presented in a scientific forum.

The Institute for Research and Community Service at Parahyangan Catholic University (LPPM Unpar) seeks to provide special opportunities for lecturers and researchers who did not have time to present the results of research and community service projects in the Integrated Seminar held on Thursday (1/11) at the Unpar Postgraduate Building.

“So, there are many lecturers who have outside activities, so they did not have the chance to present their research and project results (community service) to the academic forum. Well, this seminar is their chance to do it, “said the Head of LPPM Unpa,r Catharina Badra Nawangpalupi, Ph.D.

She also explained that there were some difficulties if lecturers and researchers could not present their scientific work.

“Yes, if they are not presentating they will not be able to make an accountability report and it may be more difficult to obtain funding for future research. This will affect lecturers who will rise in rank (functional positions), “he added.

In this seminar, LPPM opened 4 panels covering Engineering, Social and Humanities, applications of Technology and Science and Technology.

The seminar was not merely about presenting research results but also about getting inputs and criticism (Peer-Review) for lecturers.the event was used to maintain the quality of research and scientific writing of lecturers under the auspices of the Research and Community Service (LPPM Unpar). There were a total of 40 research result presented by Unpar’s lecturers.