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Wissemu to the Top of the World


Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) said farewell two female climbers who joined in The Women of Indonesia’s Seven Summit Expedition of Mahitala Unpar (Wissemu), namely Fransiska Dimitri Inkiriwang (Dee Dee) and Mathilda Dwi Lestari (Hilda), in an expedition to Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,850 meters above sea level in …

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Vocale Market Presents Indonesia’s Cultural Wealth


The Trans Convention Center that day was filled with a characteristic atmosphere of the archipelago. Entering the door, visitors are welcomed by red, white, and local motifs. Inside the room, there arelined booths that present interesting and distinctive products. There is a thick traditional aroma, while others seemed younger and more up-to-date. The …

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Unpar-Kodim 0608 Cianjur: Discussion Concerning Human Security Issues

Masalah Keamanan

The issue of security has so far been linked to conditions of war, conflict with foreign nationals, or protecting the borders from the invasions of other countries. In peacetime, human security remains a global problem, not only in under privilaged and developing countries, but in industrialized, advanced, and modern countries. In Indonesia, …

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Unpar Badminton Competition 2018


Student activities outside the lectures have always been a long-awaited moment. Relieving fatigue after busy lectures and doing a myriad of other activities, sports activities have become a choice for their atheletes. Like for example, the Unpar Badminton Club, one of the student activity units of Catholic University of Parahyangan (UKM Unpar), …

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The Thrill of Mobile Legend at D3MP Open House

mobile legend

The Diploma III of the Management Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (D3MP Unpar) held an Open House event at the Unpar Campus, on Jalan Merdeka, on Saturday (24/3). The main agenda item for this event, which was e-sport competition -The Mobile Legend’s online game competition was joined by participants from various competitions …

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Preparing for the University Entrance Exam


After attending the National Exam (UN) of Senior High School (SMA), the students begin to focus on the entrance exam of college or university. Of course, this is of particular concern to those who wish to pursue higher education. Various things ranging from the selection of courses, administrative requirements, information on test …

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Parahyangan National Accounting Challenge 2018


The Accounting Study Program Student Association (HMPSA) in collaboration with the Accounting Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) held the Parahyangan National Accounting Challenge (PNAC) 2018, on 9-11 April on the Unpar campus, at 94, Ciumbuleuit Road, Bandung. PNAC is routinely held every two years. This time, PNAC was themed ” Break …

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