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Unpar International RelationsAlumni Association Declaration

Alumni HI Unpar

For more than twenty years the International Relations Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (HI Unpar) has produced alumni that are spread in various fields of study and work. Although the relationship still exists and remains strong through the social media used in each class, there is still a certain longing …

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Experience the Cone Penetration Test and its Application

Within the scope of civil engineering studies, especially in the context of setting up a construction project, an engineer needs knowledge of the hardness of a region to build the foundation, this study uses a tool called sondir or cone used in the Cone Penetration Test. The Faculty of Engineering of Parahyangan …

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Enliven the Youth Spirit in Democracy


Golongan Putih (golput)/non-voters/abstainers  in general election (election) in various regions in Indonesia still shows a fairly high number nationally, i.e in the range of 29.1 percent (kompas.com). The feast of democracy that will be held in various regions in Indonesia in 2018 and 2019 will be the focus of the General …

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Emmanuel Yudhistira, Mawapres Informatika Unpar 2018


The annual event of Student Achievement (Pilmapres) provided a golden opportunity for Emmanuel Yudhistira, a student in the Informatics Study Program of Unpar class of 2015. “More out of curiosity. I want to try to measure my ability, “he said when he met Unpar Publications team, on Wednesday (11/4). The Ministry …

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DEE 2018: Achieving SDGs Through Maritime Power


“Indonesia needs to optimize the economy at sea,” said Agung Suryamal Sutrisno, the head of the West Java Chamber of Commerce who was one of the speakers at the National Development Economic Event (DEE) 2018. This event was held by the Development Economics Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University Student …

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Creativity in Learning to Achieve Self-Reliance

Discussion and Sharing activity of Inspirational and Innovative Learning is a routine event organized by the Center for Learning Innovation at Parahyangan Catholic University (PIP Unpar). Each discussion brings an interesting and actual theme to the phenomenon of learning at Unpar and is expected to provide inspiration for educators to improve …

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Creative Economy in the Digital Age

ekonomi kreatif

Entering the year 2018, the progress of digital technology in becoming increasingly obvious and continues to change people’s lives. The Management Study Program Student Association (HMPSM) raised the phenomenon in the 2018 National Seminar: Digitalk with the theme ” Creative Economy in Digital Era “. The event which was held on Saturday (21/4) was attended by students …

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BRI Cooperates with ITB, UNPAD and UNPAR to Distribute “Student Loans”


Suara.com – The BRI bank has once again strengthened its synergy with several universities in Bandung, West Java. In collaboration with the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), and Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR), BRI bank entered into a cooperation agreement (PKS/MOU) on Utilization and Banking Services, and Briguna Education …

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