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Insurance Goes to Campus: “Personal Wealth Management”

The cycle of human life is filled with unexpected events; the risk of losing one’s life in accidents, suffering personal property damage, and lost possessions. Those events are unavoidable but can be anticipated. One of the ways to anticipate unexpected risk is by taking out insurance and initiating financial planning. …

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Physics, The Gate To Future Technology

An anecdote once was once told, in 1850, the British minister of finance queried a physicist, whom had been known to conduct experiments using cables, copper and magnet. The minister asked if there were any benefits coming from the physicist research. The physicist named Michael Faraday then said, “Sir, in …

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Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

The utilization of recycled waste is not the main focus of human life. Rather than using recycled waste, most people have muddied the water by using more unrecyclable materials such as plastic, Styrofoam, and other materials that have become trendy nowadays. Affordable jewelry nowadays comes from materials and processes that …

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Career Development Center

The Career Development Center/ Pusat Pengembangan Karir (PPK) aims at preparing future graduates by providing them with activities with applicable knowledge to be used in new challenges of entering the occupational world after finishing their study. As well as facilitating Unpar graduates to obtain employment or further education in cooperation …

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Mathematics Learning Mother Community

The wealth of natural resources as pride of Indonesian people has not been able to make this country prosperous. Based on statistics, more than 30 million Indonesians are living in poverty. The main issue that caused Indonesia to remain poor is education, more importantly primary education. This is the main …

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