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The Face of Future Library


By Unpar Library Team Amidst continuing advances in information technology (with wifi internet and e-books as well as open access resources  massively available), obviously the library can not survive only as a repository of books. When books are transformed into digital form, will thelibrary merely become a digital library repository manager ?. It’s a …

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The Transformation Of The Gender Concept In Asmat Papua Society

Onesius Otenieli Daeli OSC PhD

By: Onesius Otenelli Daelli OSC, Ph.D (Lecturer in the Philosophy Study Program) Introduction No-one can probably distinguish the differences between the definition of Sex and Gender. Both are at a glance very similar due to the distinction between male and female. But if we analyze more deeply, we can identify …

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The Great Unpar

Mangadar Rektor-The Great Unpar

Dear Readers, Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) has set the objective to become “The great UNPAR” which basically translated into a superior, better, and more advanced UNPAR. The phrase “The great UNPAR” was not meant to be competitive or superior to other universities. “The great UNPAR” is only meant as the …

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