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LPPM Helps To Patent Intellectual Works Of Unpar Lecturers

Worksho HaKI (Penelitian dan Publikasi Ilmiah)

In essence, Intellectual Property Rights/ Hak Kekayaan Intelektual (HaKI) is a reward (Economic) for ideas or results of intellectual thinking. Intellectual creativity can take the form of product or process that has utility for human life. Therefore, Haki is private in nature and can be requested on a personal basis. …

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Nurturing The Spirit Of Educating

Pragmatic thinking and lifestyle have slowly spread to all aspects of human lives, including education. This way of thinking oversimplifies everything into merely the benefits gained or produced. A pragmatic individual reduces the truth into results or benefits as well as usefulness, especially for oneself. This has become problematic because …

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Us Vs Corruption

On December 9, 2015, 94 countries pledged to fight corruption. The ratification of the UN Anti-Corruption Convention that took place in Merida, Mexico signifies that every country is obliged to fight this corrosive phenomenon in society. Indonesia is one of the countries that has pledged its effort to be freed …

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Nurturing Entrepreneurship Through Coaching And Gem Research

The development of the Indonesian Economy is highly influenced by the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM/SMEs). More than 90 percent of the enterprises in Indonesia are SMEs enterprises that absorb more than 90 percent of the workforce and play significant roles in the economic endurance during the …

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Meet And Greet ‘Basa-Basi’ Rise Together Against Corruption

Based on the Corruption Perception Index in the 2014 Transparency International report, Indonesia ranked 117 out of 175 countries with a high level of corruption. Corruption often clouds the politics and economy in Indonesia, from officials to businessman. These corruptors have infuriated Indonesian people and at the same time made …

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Realizing Unpar’s Internationalization Through Synergic Relationships

When many universities still dream about becoming world-class universities, Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) has already possessed internationalization characteristics since its establishment in 1955. This was mainly due to the fact that the two main founding fathers of UNPAR were the Bishop of Bandung, Mgr. PM. Arntz, OSC and the Bishop …

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“Ngetik Keroyokan” at Unpar

The group of people living with disability is full of limitations on how a person can participate in society’s life. Those limitations are not only due to the unsporting physicality to act but also due to the lack of tools/infra-structures capable of supporting the activities of people with disability. People …

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Clean Behavior, Clean Environment

I exist but am worthless Worthless then discarded Abandoned Suddenly I caused distress Garbage Whose fault is it? A part of a poem about garbage, an issue closely related to human behavior to the environment; hence the issue of the environment has once again been brought up at Parahyangan Catholic …

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The Frog Turns Lecturer

“Why become a lecturer?” is a simple contemplative question for the lecturers of Parahyangan Catholic University. After participating in the workshop “Sang Guru, Sang Peziarah 2” / The Teacher, The Pilgrim 2, lecturers were asked to write the result of their life and reflection on the struggle that has taken …

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