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The Manifestation Of Democracy At University

Manifestasi Demokrasi di Perguruan Tinggi

Similar to a country, the general election/pemilihan umum (pemilu) has become the manifestation of democracy for university’s students. One of them  is the Student Union of Parahyangan Catholic University/Persatuan Mahasiswa Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (PM UNPAR), an organization that unites all UNPAR students by organizing the governing functions in three institutions. …

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Commemorating Autism Day With Dermaga Sastra

Dermaga Sastra Unpar Hari Autisme

Saturday (02/04) in the Spasial building, at 22 Gudang Selatan street, Bandung, Dermaga Sastra (DS) in cooperation with the Percik Insani foundation (a community of parents with Special Needs children) conducted a gathering in commemorating the World Autism Day. Dermaga Sastra itself is a community, formed to facilitate literature lovers …

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Politicians, Businessmen, And Musicians Return To Campus

The existence of alumni is an important asset for a higher education institution. As campus ambassadors, the alumni’s  behaviour, achievements, and actions will carry the institution’s name. Implicitly, a solid and synergical relation between alumni and university is a mean of reaching the university’s vision. Though physically distant, the longing …

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Building The Nation From Rural Areas

By: UNPAR Publication Section Uneven distribution of development often results in people’s inability to fulfill their basic living needs. It indicates the lack or the absence of development that touches the local commuity’s needs, especially those in rural areas. In practice, the government has enacted varieties of efforts to enable …

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PAD 2016: Together In Memories, Giving Meaning To The Future

The Parahyangan Alumni Day (PAD 2016) is the premiere event hosted by the Directorate General of Public Relations of the Students Presidency/Direktorat Jendral Hubungan Masyarakat Lembaga Kepresidenan Mahasiswa (LKM) and the Parahyangan Catholic University Alumni Association /Ikatan Alumni (IKA). “PAD 2016 is entitled ‘Together in Memories, Giving Meaning to the …

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Young, Different, and Dangerous

Quoting a line from a song by the band Superman is Dead ‘Young, Different, and Dangerous/Muda, Beda, dan Berbahaya’ apparently has led a profound impact on Marcella Morgen Wiria, an alumna of the Faculty of Industrial Technology Parahyangan Catholic University year 2009 (FTI UNPAR). Gloria is the CEO of Glow …

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Eldwin Viriya, Founder of Owns Games Developer

Continuing one’sstudy in Informatics Engineering will complete someone’s skill sets to become a technopreneur. At least this was felt by Edwin Viriya, an alumnus of the Informatics Engineering Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University. Eldwin has always liked drawing since he was little. Since junior high school, Eldwin started becoming …

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Unpar Ranked Third

After Beating Pelita Harapan University by 63-54 Bandung, (PR),- the Female squad of Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) finally ranked third in the Lima Basketball Nationals Season 4, 2015-2016. They beat Pelita Harapan University (UPH) 63-54 in the final match at GOR C-Tra Arena/the C-Tra Arena Sports Building, at Bandung, Sunday …

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Ariefian Night: Getting To Know And Commemorating Arief Sidharta

Arief Sidharta, sosok dosen dan teladan yang berpengaruh di ranah hukum Indonesia. Kini, waktu berjalan memasuki bulan ketiga sejak almarhum menghadap Sang Pencipta pada November 2015 lalu. Namun, sosok almarhum masih dan akan tetap melekat, khususnya bagi keluarga besar Fakultas Hukum Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (FH Unpar). Diawali dengan wacana yang …

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