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The Message For Indonesian Unity From The Peak of Antartica

Pesan Persatuan Indonesia dari Puncak Antartika

Jakarta, Indonesia CNN – A heart-warming story was received from the Indonesia nature lover/mountaineering women who are members of The Woman of Indonesia’s Seven Summits Expedition Mahitala Unpar (Wissemu). The Wissemu climbing team this time around consists of Frances Dimitri Inkiriwang (23) and Mathilda Dwi Lestari (23) managed to set foot …

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Three Students Won Management Debate

Parahyangan English Debate Society (PEDs) ranked 3rd in the EURECA Cup organized by the Prasetya Mulya University in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City from Tuesday (28/2) to Friday (3/3). The team consisting of two female students of International Relations (HI) class of 2013, Jeanne Sanjaya and Ancilla Pramudita, and a student …

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62 Anniversary, Six Decades Of Devotion In Priangan Land

Dies Natalis Ke-62, Enam Dekade Mengabdi di Bumi Priangan

There are numerous factors that make a university acknowledged by the community, both by laymen and academicians. One of them is age. An institution that has existed in a long period of time will have demonstrated the ability to overcome the challenges of the times and continue to adapt in various forms …

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Self Confidence, The Main Capital For Young Entrepreneurs

Kepercayaan Diri, Modal Utama Wirausahawan Muda

Being an entrepreneur is obviously not an easy thing to do. It takes creativity to process and manage a business, from the initial idea and concept, to being able to sustain itself, not to mention becoming a successful business enterprise. An entrepreneur is demanded to constantly develop innovative and attractive products to …

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UNI POTATO & UNI CORN Won 2nd & 3rd Prize at ISCE 2016

Uni Potato & Uni Corn Raih Juara 2 & 3 ISCE 2016

The 2nd International Statistics Competition for Engineering Students (ISCE) was successfully held by the Industrial Engineering Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) from November 8 to 10 2016. ISCE was formally opened by Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D., as the Rector, in the auditorium of the Institute of Postgraduate Program/Graduate School …

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Two Indonesian Heroines Hoisted “Merah Putih” Flag at Antartic Summit

Dua Srikandi Indonesia Kibarkan Merah Putih di Puncak Antartika

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Two Indonesian female climbers managed to raise the Indonesian flag on the summit of Mount Vinson Massif, Antarctica. They are Frances Dimitri Inkiriwang (23) and Mathilda Dwi Lestari (23) who are members of The Women of Indonesia’s Seven Summits Expedition Mahitala-UNPAR (WISSEMU) Team. Unpar’s Mahitala press release announced that …

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TNT In “Wonderland”

TNT in “Wonderland”

Students are not always required to develop their academic abilities. The development of soft skills is also important for them. The Accounting Study Program Student Association (HMPSA) of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar), as the organization that encompasses all the students of the Accounting Study program of the Faculty of Economics (FE) at …

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“English Speaking, it’s A Must Already!”

"English Public Speaking, It’s a Must Already!"

The growing numbers of foreign companies investing or establishing offices in Indonesia has produced demands of not only knowledge/scientific mastery but also interpersonal skills. One of them is the ability to communicate in English. The ability to communicate well in English will definitely be supportive in establishing professional relations or …

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