3. Other Facilities

Unpar Guest House

The UNPAR Guest House is a clean, comfortable, and fun place to stay in Bandung. It is located at Gunung Agung dalam street no 4 Bandung. This Guest House is cool, peaceful and comfortable, directly felt when entering the beautiful green garden and all available rooms. Prompted by Parahyangan Catholic …

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Post Office

To cater for the delivery of documents, online payments and various other postal services. As a support facility, Unpar’s  “Post Office” service hours are between 7.30-14.00 on Monday to Friday and 07.30 – 12.30 on Saturday.

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Parahyangan Reksa Raga

Parahyangan Reksa Raga (Pasaga) is a sports facility complex managed by the Support Service Unit / Satuan Pelayanan Pendukung of the Unpar Foundation. Located at Lembah Cisitu VI Street, Pasaga is accessible on foot or by motorcycle from around Parahyangan Catholic University’s main campus at Ciumbuleuit street No. 94, Bandung. …

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