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Start-Up Fest Presents Innovation in Entrepreneurship

As part of its learning curriculum, the Business Administration Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (IAB Unpar) conducts Business Simulation courses (Simbis). Simbis is a place for students to learn aboutthe development of the entrepreneur-styled business model, starting from designing a business model and target, to marketing to the public. This …

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Parahyangan Legal Competition, Building Laws Based on Pancasila

Pancasila as the foundation of the state of Indonesia has been an important foundation for the implementation of the state and the life of the nation. This covers the field of law, from formulation to enforcement. However, it cannot be denied that there is still much to be improved in the legal …

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Learning the Chocolate Business Model at Pipiltin Cocoa Factory

cocoa factory

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Parahyangan Catholic University (Prodi IAB Unpar) paid a company visit to Pipiltin Cocoa Factory, Jakarta on Monday (2/4). The event was joined by students who took the subjects “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”. As a business operating on a small scale, Pipiltin Cocoa …

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Unpar International RelationsAlumni Association Declaration

For more than twenty years the International Relations Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (HI Unpar) has produced alumni that are spread in various fields of study and work. Although the relationship still exists and remains strong through the social media used in each class, there is still a certain longing …

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DEE 2018: Achieving SDGs Through Maritime Power

“Indonesia needs to optimize the economy at sea,” said Agung Suryamal Sutrisno, the head of the West Java Chamber of Commerce who was one of the speakers at the National Development Economic Event (DEE) 2018. This event was held by the Development Economics Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University Student …

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Wissemu to the Top of the World

Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) said farewell two female climbers who joined in The Women of Indonesia’s Seven Summit Expedition of Mahitala Unpar (Wissemu), namely Fransiska Dimitri Inkiriwang (Dee Dee) and Mathilda Dwi Lestari (Hilda), in an expedition to Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,850 meters above sea level in …

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Vocale Market Presents Indonesia’s Cultural Wealth

The Trans Convention Center that day was filled with a characteristic atmosphere of the archipelago. Entering the door, visitors are welcomed by red, white, and local motifs. Inside the room, there arelined booths that present interesting and distinctive products. There is a thick traditional aroma, while others seemed younger and more up-to-date. The …

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