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BRI Cooperates with ITB, UNPAD and UNPAR to Distribute “Student Loans”

Suara.com – The BRI bank has once again strengthened its synergy with several universities in Bandung, West Java. In collaboration with the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), and Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR), BRI bank entered into a cooperation agreement (PKS/MOU) on Utilization and Banking Services, and Briguna Education Credit.

The PKS was signed directly by the Director of Institutional Relations of BRI Bank, Sis Apik Wijayanto, with the Rector of ITB, Professor Kadarsah Suryadi, the Rector of UNPAD, Professor Tri Hanggono Achmad, and the Rector of UNPAR, Dr. Mangadar Situmorang. The provision of this Briguna Education facility is a form of government program implementation in the field of human resources (HR), in order to improve the quality of national human resources, especially at higher education level.

“We will continue to enhance strategic cooperation to improve the quality of education in Indonesia,” said Sis Apik, in Bandung, on Monday (4/23/2018).
The signing of the credit cooperation agreement Briguna Education will be one of the financing solutions for prospective students who are studying as undergraduates, post-graduate in the Masters’ (S2) and Doctorate (S3) Study programs..

“We provide a maximum ceiling of up to 250 million IDR for Master’s and Doctoral’s students. The interest rates are competitive.  We do this to provide access and convenience for the students, “said Sis Apik.

On the other hand, BRI Bank and the three universities will also develop further cooperation in other fields, which will add value to education. Sis Apik also revealed that for BRI the signing of this cooperation will provide more opportunities for the realization of the digital banking ecosystem, especially in the field of education.
The way of submitting the relevant documents is quite easy. Students can provide a photocopy of their identity card (KTP), copy of family card (KK), letters of recommendation of their workplace superior and from their university, salary slip, first and last employee’s decree, and a power of attorney to deduct salary.

Sis Apik expressed his optimism that this cooperation will facilitate various payment transactions. Moreover, BRI Bank will provide convenience in the management of various banking services for the 3 campuses.

“Through the signing of this Briguna Pendidikan cooperation, we hope there will be more opportunities for prospective students to obtain a quality higher education,” he concluded.

Source: suara.com