BIPA Unpar Welcomes PPSDK Kemdikbud’s Visit

The Indonesian Language Institute for Foreign Speakers of Parahyangan Catholic University (BIPA Unpar) received a visit from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Language and Diplomacy Strategy Development Center (PPSDK Kemdikbud) in order to “Disseminate BIPA Teaching Materials Based on Indonesian Literature”, on Friday (09/28/2018).

PPSDK is a language unit under the Ministry of Education and Culture responsible for creating a standard of graduate competence for students who study the Indonesian national language. The BIPA module or material in Unpar has been adjusted to the standard of graduate competency (SKL) of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Currently, PPDSK is creating new teaching materials that are still in the form of drafts. The material content consists of texts based on Indonesian literature. This material is being piloted by PPSDK to foreign students who are studying Indonesian.

“Unpar is the only chosen private university in Bandung, in addition to UPI. And this is a good opportunity, “said Kristining Seva, SS, M.Pd, a lecturer at BIPA Unpar.

In this case, PPSDK provides a free module for testing. Then, foreign students were asked to review the book.

When the team was met the publication team at the end of the event, they said that the PPSDK came to ensure that the books were delivered properly to students.

“It should be easy for you all, the more fluent in Indonesian you are, the better your study will be,” said Emma Sitohang Nababan, the representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture PPSDK when closing the event.

This visit was a continuation of cooperation between Unpar and the Ministry of Education and Culture related to the Darmasiswa program, the results of the visit of the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2017. The BIPA program in Unpar was considered effective at the time of the visitation study. This year, in the 2018/2019 academic year, Unpar opened admissions for foreign students through the holding of the BIPA Unpar Darmasiswa program.