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Program Diploma 3 manajemen perusahaan UNPAR - Belajar Berwirausaha

Learning Entrepreneurship at Diploma Program UNPAR

Located at 53, Aceh Street Bandung, the Diploma 3 program of Parahyangan Catholic Parahyangan (D-3 UNPAR), namely the Diploma of Company Management is the only vocational study program within Parahyangan Catholic Parahyangan. Established based on the decree of the director general of higher education No 120/DIKTI/Kep/1995. Initially the Diploma of Company Management was established to improve the rate of work participation in the city of Bandung.

With more than 1,200 graduates, the Diploma of Company Management’s alumni are involved in various sectors of occupation. Most have careers in banking, commercial company, and manufacturing, while others continue their studies or become entrepreneurs.

The advent of the 2013 curriculum has given a new nuance to the learning materials. The curriculum that used to consist of 118 credits with 52 academic courses was reduced to 110 credits in 44 academic courses. These 44 academic courses are divided into two groups: 34 theoretical courses and 10 practicums.

Apart from adding this new nuance to the vocational world through adding in-depth application compared to theories, the Diploma of Company Management’s curriculum also added concentrations (fields of studies) to the final paper, namely: company administration and creative entrepreneurship. If previously students were give a simple option which is to join a 200-hours  apprenticeship of administrative work called Tugas Akhir (TA) Praktik Kerja / Work Practice Final Assignment – now they are able to choose from 2 options, take the apprenticeship or create their own business – which is called Tugas Akhir (TA) Proposal Bisnis / Business Proposal Final Assignment.

The creative entrepreneurship nuance of the new curriculum gives broader occupational alternatives. Graduates are no longer limited to becoming employees, but can also start their own business based on their own creativity. Hence the two learning objectives of Diploma of Company Management Study Program, namely to become an entry-level manager and an educated entrepreneur.

With the progress of time, the initial spirit of the Diploma of Company Management of Parahyangan Catholic Parahyangan has also been rejuvenated. From initially wanting to produce graduates to add to the number of job seekers, to become a study program ready to create job opportunities.

In addition to introducing a vocational nuance to learning activities, the study program regularly invites business practitioners to guest lecturing events. The Human Resource Manager of PT. Akur Pratama (Yogya Group) is a regular guest lecturer for the Diploma of Company Management. As well as the Credit Manager of BRI and several young Bandung entrepreneurs involved in fashion, culinary, and craft industry – Ms Tarlen “Tobucil”, Ms Lenny, and Ms Antik as moslem fashion business entrepreneur, or Danis “Nasi Goreng Mafia”, are often invited to speak at guest lecturing or Studium Generale.

In order to improve learning facilities, the study program established the business club in 2014. The Business club is place for diploma or non-diploma students/public who would like to start and develop a business through discussions with practitioners and financial institutions. Through this business club, the start up or those entrepreneursalready in the business are able to discuss with mentors to finalize their ideas and turn them into a concrete business form.

Creative Entrepreneurship has now become the characteristics of the Diploma of Company Management of Parahyangan Catholic Parahyangan. An old Entrepreneurship pattern that puts an emphasis on comparative advantage is what being offered by the Diploma of Company Management of Parahyangan Catholic Parahyangan.

The Diploma of Company Management of Parahyangan Catholic Parahyangan strives to renew itself into a more advantageous direction. It keeps on conducting its mission to fulfill its mission to produce leading graduates academically with good characters, discovers and develops local potential, and contributes to society’s welfare, in local, national and international level. {UNPAR/Elvy Maria Manurung}


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“Belajar Berwirausaha di D-3 UNPAR”