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Bamboo Building Design for Mosque in Lembang

Center for Agricultural and Rural Organization (P4S) Tani Mandiri is one of P4S mentored by BBPP Lembang, also one of the objectives of internship of and international growers such as Asia, the Pacific, and America. Vision of P4S Tani Mandiri is to disseminate knowledge and experience of farming in order to build the spirit and agribusiness efforts of agriculture individuals. The mission is to hold trainings on vegetable farming for the farmers, students and university students of farming as well as develops a specific farming pattern and giving options of business for the villagers in order to reduce urbanization. In supporting its vision and mission, therefore P4S need facilities to support its activities, one of them is a place to conduct prayers.

To support the activities of farmers group which belongs in P4S Tani Mandiri, UNPAR Architecture Study Program have a community service event closely related with the need of P4S Tani Mandiri which is to socialize the benefit of bamboo as local material that could be used for a sustainable construction material. Bamboo is a material that has potential as building material. This event is expected to change society’s view about bamboo material and then re-using back and cultivate this local material.

This community service event is a part of a series of activities from the Architecture study program titled “Parahyangan Bamboo Nation”. This series of events are divided into 5 stages: (1) Design ideas exploration, (2) Selected design development, (3) Model simulation and mock up production, (4) Construction, and (5) outreach to the community.

Positive impact from this community service towards partners beside the availability of facility needed by the partners is the up-dating of science and technology about bamboo as latest construction material. Positive impact for the academicians are the is the increased attention of the academic community to small community groups as well as increased development activities of science, technology and art in the course. In addition, the impact of the participants (lecturers and students) is the development of soft skills and hard skills.

Below are several pictures of the stages in building prayer location for P4S Tani Mandiri farmer community:

Structure Model Simulation and Mock Up Production Stage


Construction Stage


Final Result of Bamboo Mosque




Source: UNPAR LPPM (http://lppm.unpar.ac.id/pengabdian-masyarakat-rancang-bangun-bangunan-bambu/)