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Astra 1st UNPAR LESTARI “Complete Million Biopori”

BioporiBandung, 29 November 2014. Held at Taman Lalu Lintas, Bandung, UNPAR students joined in the committee of ASTRA 1st UNPAR PEDULI LINGKUNGAN held the event of Biopori cultivation.

Realizing the declining of environment quality especially in Bandung city, an action and movement, spirit and awareness towards the environment around us is needed. The event held by Astra1st UNPAR Peduli Lingkungan is in accordance with the movement of Million Biopori proclaimed by Bandung government in 2013.

Participants of this event are UNPAR students joined in the Parahyangan Green Challenge community, volunteers from various party which are ASTRA, representative from local TNI, and Government’s Office. After planting biopori, the event followed by a meal together in the area of Bandung Traffic Park. Hopefully through this event, we are increasingly more concerned about the environment and aware of the environment that must be constantly maintained and protected.

Source: UNPAR BKA (http://bka.unpar.ac.id/laporan-astra-1st-unpar-lestari-lengkapi-sejuta-biopori/)