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Ajak Anak Muda dan Guru Sikapi Perkembangan Dunia Digital

Inviting Youths and Teachers To React To Changes In The Digital World

Almost everybody in the world today has been touched by technological progress, especially digital technology. The rapid development in this field has provided many benefits for us all. Moreover, with the public demand for ease and efficiency can act as a boost for industrial technology players to keep on developing their materials to fulfill market demands.

The currently occurring phenomenon in society is the ease of voicing one’s opinion through social media. this on the one hand brings good influence. The ease of communication has become a benefit for Indonesian people who live in a democracy. Democracy guarantees the rights of people to have voice, express ideas and convey statements. But what happens if the opportunity is not well properly utilized by the people?

In the past few years we have witnessed numerous bad phenomena happening in the social media, although at the same times there have been good things happening due to these media. Seeing this, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) as a higher education institution has perceived the need for a common discussion seen from the youth’s perspective (in this case high school students), and teachers teachers who educate them.

Therefore, during the Unpar Fest 2016, held on Thursday (17/11), the topic “How Digital Media will Enhance the Quality of Youth Creativity” as a theme of the student conference with the hope of discovering brilliant ideas from 20  high school participating teams from the greater Bandung area that will inspire young people to fill their digital media with their creative ideas. This activity was also enriched with inspiration conveyed by the speakers/adjudicators such as: Dicky Sukmana (Co-Founder & Creative Director PT. Panenmaya), Sharon Margriet (Miss North Sulawesi 2015, Student of International Relations Unpar, anti-bullying ambassador of Kawanku Magz) and Lilian Danil (Lecturer in the faculty of Economics Unpar, Masterchef Indonesia Finalist).

In addition to young people, teachers as educators and guides at school also have a central role to play in preparing their students in facing and responding to the current development of the digital world. Teachers are demanded to actively learn the good things that can be used in the advent of digital world development, and those that should be minimized due to their negative impact on the students. Thus, a teacher training sessionentitled “Student Development and Education Planning for the Millennials ” was held.

In that instance, Jimmy Sutanto Kurniawan, founder of SKILL Institute Bandung explained several things happening in the digital world that might bring either good opportunities or a bad impact on students. One of the opportunities exemplified was YouTube as a creative platform that generates revenue for those who can utilize it well through interesting content.

One other thing that may hold the key is the fact that many new occupations are appearing thanks to the development of the digital world, occupations that may have seemed trivial in the past. Teachers have to acknowledge the fact so they can encourage the students to be creative and engaging the new fields.

Sisca, a Guidance Councilor from SMA 23 (23 High School) Bandung, acknowledges the sophisticated nature of the current students. To her, the teacher training content is very useful. Even though teachers at school do not have enough time to supervise the students, they will definitely try to give positive reinforcement and dig up positive things concerning the proper and correct social media usage. She added that there have to be guidelines for students to create something in the rapidly developing digital world.

On the other hand, the young generation has conflicting notions concerning the current digital world through social media. Some tend to share negative content in media rather than the positive ones. This should become a great matter of concern for teachers at school, parents, and other social media users.

A participant from Trinitas High School Bandung named Renata, believed that the young generation should be able to select the proper and correct things in social media usage. They realize the appearance of social media in the digital world is crucial for helping their learning activities. While they are at school, teachers always remind them the importance of propper and correct social media usage. This is also the case at home with the parents. Frankie a student from the same school stated that by creating positive things, young people can fight the negative contents found in social media.

Another student, Faried, from SMA 4 (4 Senior High School) said that there are mechanisms to minimize the negative impact generated by digital media in order to develop the potential of using the digital media. The mechanisms are called 3P (Pengawasan, Pengarahan, Perubahan/Supervision, Guidance, Change).

Supervision is the most general method but it has been proven ineffective in minimizing the negative impact. There has to be a government institution that supervises social media users to keep them from going astray. Second is guidance, Farid described the fact that social media user should be directed to do positive and beneficial things for themselves so that they will be more interested in doing the positive things instead of the negative ones. Finally Change, this relates to the mind-set of social media users, which enables them to be wiser and more mature in their activities within social media.


Source: KOMPAS – Griya Ilmu (Tuesday, November 29, 2016)