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Adjunct Faculties: Jol STOFFERS, Ph.D., Professor. of Employability, Zuyd University, the Netherlands

It is a routine activity conducted by the Doctoral Study Program in Economics and a Master of Management, Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar), inviting guests from abroad as adjunct Faculties, and for the umpteenth time Jol STOFFERS, Ph.D., Professor of Employability of Zuyd University, the Netherlands, was present to give a workshop series or training sessions for PhD students in Economics and Master of Management courses.

For approximately two weeks, from February 27 until March 9, 2017, Jol STOFFERS shared his knowledge, either in the form of training sessions and discussion forums with students, as well as discussions with the leaders of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies concerning the development of the Doctoral and Master’s Programs.

As for the topics raised during the training, they include Discussion on Developing Master’s and Doctoral Programs , Discussion on Doctoral Research Programs, A Workshop Series of Academic Writing, Research, and Publication and the Community Service Development Program: Gamification, Employability- in which the community service program are conducted in collaboration with Gamification Management Indonesia (MGI), Level 09, the Association of Friendship Indonesia – China (PPIT), West Java, and the Association of Indonesian Chinese Women  (Pinti), West Java.

The Training session topic “Discussion Forum on Management Research in a Dynamic Environment”, is compulsory for students of the Master’s program in Management and the Doctoral program of Economic Sciences. Previously, students have to create scientific work as the first step of making an international journal to be presented via poster papers, before Jol STOFFERS, Ph.D. After that the participants were divided into groups to receive input from a team of reviewers such as Dr. Banowati M. Talim, Dr. Laura lahindah, Dr. Istiharini, Dr. Benny B. Tjandrasa, Agus Gunawan, Ph.D., and Theresia Gunawan, Ph.D.

Source: pascasarjana.unpar.ac.id