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Act Against AIDS

Act Against AIDS

Working closely with the Komunitas Rumah Cemara, the Student Union President of Parahyangan Catholic University (LKM Unpar) through the Directorate General of Community Service, has implemented one of the functional activities of the periodical activity called “Act Against AIDS” on Saturday (26/11). The event was also one of a series in commemorating the World’s AIDS Day on December 1.

Komunitas Rumah Cemara is one of the communities that has the vision and mission of eliminating the stigma of PLHA (People Living with HIV / AIDS), a group often discriminated against due to their circumstances.

The activities are a futsal(mini indoor soccer) match between the Komunitas Rumah Cemara and LKM Unpar followed by lunch and then a discussion concerning HIV / AIDS.

This discussion produced some conclusions regarding the transmission of HIV / AIDS itself. Direct interaction (through shaking hands, eating together or other interactions) will not spread HIV / AIDS directly. What can transmit the disease is the use of hypodermic needles alternately and unsafe sex. It is hoped that these discussions can gradually eliminate the stigma of PLHA regarding the transmission of HIV / AIDS which makes PLHA space limited.

“This event is really a good event to be continued, as it was also held last year. Because we as students have little knowledge about HIV / AIDS, the negative stigma of PLHA emerged”, said Bayu Satria in an interview with Unpar Publication Team.

Satria, who is the Director General of Community Services of LKM Unpar, expressed his hope that through these activities Unpar students will become more aware of and knowledgeable about HIV / AIDS itself. He invites Unparians to fight HIV / AIDS, but not to stay away from PLHA. “Because they also need moral support  from the surrounding community so it can keep on creating,” he said.