UNPAR uses Semester Credit Units (Satuan Kredit Semester) as a learning system both for diploma III and postgraduate programs. By using this system, students are encouraged to plan their own study developmentby themselves. As a matter of course, the academic advisor (the lecturer) helps the students with their study planning.

The success of students in a certain semester determines their academic rights and obligations to plan their study in the next semester. Self-discipline and the students’ sense of responsibility in implementing their study plan clearly determine their academic success at UNPAR. Moreover, in each semester, UNPAR sends study reports to the students’ parents in order to become involved in the students academic process.

The conduct of students’ academic process is not only supported by the integrated facilities of the academic information system, bureau of students, bureau of finance, and bureau of personnel within the local area’s network system, but also supportedeffectively and efficiently by the bureau of administration.

In addition, theconduct of integrated financial administration system is related to the students’ academic rights and obligations which encourages self-discipline of the students.