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A Dream that Makes the Heart Tremble and Ignites the Spirit of the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law commemorated its 57th anniversary on Saturday (19/9) at its auditorium. The Oratio of the anniversary was entitled “an order that is just versus injustice: a historical socio-economical burden of law” conveyed by Professor. Dr.phil. Budiono Kusumohamidjojo, S.H.

“….First: disorder cannot produce justice, on the other hand, second: injustice will produce disorder, although third: no human society can run smoothly for human being’s needs if there is disorder” this was a quote from the opening of the oratio of the Faculty of Law Parahyangan Catholic University’s anniversary conveyed by Professor. Dr.phil. Budiono Kusumohamidjojo.

He then stated that order is the key to a social life according to human nature that generally wished for happiness as stated by Socrates. He summed up the oratio by an optimism that the Faculty of Law of will be able to contribute much in the area of creating order by pursuing best practices in daily life and acting seriously and consistently to educate people of all social strata instead of treating it as a business.

The call was answered by the Dean’s report in a form of lecturer community service programs as a sign of commitment to uphold order. Nevertheless, the Dean of the Faculty of Law Dr. Tristam Pascal Moeliono warns that although the existence and the reputation of the Faculty of Law from its conception until now keeps on growing, which is owed to the earlier generation, the scientific community of Faculty of Law has to move forward. “Pride of past glory is useless, we cannot be constantly looking back, but we have change to improve competitiveness”, he added. The Dean who has only held the post for five months went on to add that the advent of globalization and the ASEAN Economic Community has brought forward university competition to a whole new level, so that extra efforts are required to be able to compete with overseas universities, especially within ASEAN.

“An anniversary is the perfect moment for us to jointly remember the dream that has unitedand still unites us?  Is there a common dream? Or did we all dream individually within togetherness?”,  he asked. Vision and Mission form a common dream reflected in words, he then asked again, has the dream that was formulated intelligently using sophisticated words managed to make our hearts tremble? Has it ignited up our spirit to give our best in order to build the Faculty of Law and Parahyangan Catholic University as our home?”

The Rector Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D., was unable to attend the event because he was attending the International Network of Universities (INU) conference in Germany. Paulus Cahyono Tjiang, Ph.D. who represented him stated that the early creation of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics was not without reason. Economics and law were two of the most crucial needs of West Java people at that time. He hoped that the Faculty of Law will keep on contributing to the creation of a just and prosperous social order.