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3rd International Statistics Engineering Competition FTI 2018

Processing data is a capability that needs to be processed in-depth in this modern era. Data processing capabilities are not only about statistical calculations. A person who acts as a data processor often has to know what factors and data need to be used in finding key answers to a problem.

This is what the Faculty of Industrial Technology at Parahyangan Catholic University (FTI Unpar) intended to explore and hone through the International Statistics Engineering Competition (ISEC), on Tuesday (6/11) in the Unpar Postgraduate Hall. This competition brings together various state and private universities in Indonesia.

“This competition is the third we have held. The participants are both public and private, both those in West Java and outside the island also continue to grow, ” said Cindy Marika, the lecturer who accompanied the event.

Previously, all teams participated in qualifying or preliminary rounds. From there, 14 teams consisting of 3 students will be pitted back and placed randomly until the final round.

Alfian, the head of the competition material team explained about the types of questions the participants had to solve. “Suppose there is someone who feels this room is hot, and there is some data about the factors that might contribute to the volatility of the room temperature. “Participants through statistical calculations need to mention which factors are the most dominant and the reasons are mathematical,” explained Alfian.

In the competition, Unpar was represented by 2 teams consisting of 6 Industrial Engineering students. In addition to processing the participants’ abilities, it is hoped that this event can become a place to introduce FTI Unpar and establish a network of friendships among participating universities in ISEC 2018.

The Three Musketeers team  consisting of students from the University of Bunda Mulia Jakarta responded positively to the event and were confident that they could do their best. “We think it is very good, both judged by the structure of the event and derived from the material that is very challenging,” they said.